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F4A Directors


Rosie O'Brien

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Head of Philanthropy

Cancer Council NSW


Rosheen Singh

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Recruitment Manager - Fundraising, Marketing and Communications Recruitment

Beaumont People

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Michelle Chung

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Philanthropy Manager, Trusts and Foundations 

The Smith Family

F4A Advisors


Nicola Britton

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Director, Australia



Heather Little

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Deputy Director Development

Monash University


Nigel Harris, AM

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Managing Director

Nigel Harris & Associates


Krystian Seibert

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Adjunct Industry Fellow, Centre for Social Impact

Swinburne University of Technology


David Sloan

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Development Manager, Corporate




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F4A was formed by fundraising professional and international award winning social change author Ryan Ginard, who recently returned back to Australia after a decade working in philanthropy in the U.S.


Ryan quickly noticed a skills shortfall in the industry which coincided with proposed government reform of the charitable sector. “We currently see a two-speed challenge with the fundraising profession, the first is that the demand for fundraisers continues to outstrip supply and this has been the case for a long time. The second is that there is a real need to see further professionalisation of fundraising to ensure that we can continue to achieve new levels of industry excellence and best practice and ensure we have the ability to support and retain our best and brightest fundraising talent.”

“In order to take advantage of these opportunities and overcome these challenges, we need inspired and engaged individuals who bring energy, creativity, and new perspectives to the sector and that in essence is what drove the formation of this program.”

F4A is inspired by the approaches and outcomes of the Teach, Code and Venture For America models, of which Mr Ginard had direct exposure to while working in the U.S. All of these models are underpinned by a commitment to recruit values driven individuals to their respective fields for the betterment of society.

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