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Are you searching for a job where you can help facilitate positive social change?

Are you in a sales role but wish it was more transformational than transactional?

Are you a good connector? A good story teller?

Then we encourage you to consider a role in fundraising. 

Fundraising is a values based career in a rapidly evolving industry. It pays well with entry roles in some cases paying around $60,000+ and senior leadership roles at over $200,000.


Just about every not-for-profit (NFP) relies on donations for some of its work, and that means a good fundraiser can be worth their weight in gold (well, almost).

But the most interesting thing for job-seekers is that many people move on from fundraising into more senior roles in NFP organisations – the skills and insights that fundraising can provide seems to prove invaluable for many other NFP roles.

So, if you’re looking for a way to break into a career making the world a better place (and if talking or writing to people about how they can help change the world is your idea of a dream job), then maybe you should think about a career in fundraising.


Fundraisers are crucial to not-for-profit organisations. They’re typically inspiring and well organised but a recent Australian study shows that the chief factor in successful fundraising is simply…good people skills. So, if good conversation is your forte, fundraising should be a great fit.

And with good reason: fundraisers get to deal with a wide variety of people within the organisation and they often enjoy the freedom to go out and talk up a social and environmental cause at public events, homes and in boardrooms.

Plus active fundraising can take you to exciting places such as festivals, sporting events, concerts and even on international adventures, with fundraisers actively recruited for international roles and meeting with prospects, alumni and members overseas.

So if you are interested in accelerating your career in fundraising or are interested in a potential career pivot into the field, please consider applying for a Fundraise For Australia Fellowship or to speak with one of our team about what a career in fundraising looks like.

Some of the following words came from a great article found on the Australian website


Arranging Bottles


I would look for someone who is a critical thinker who can actively listen when participating in conversations.

Young Volunteers


- Curiosity (in general and specific to the field)

- Connector (of ideas and people)

- Lover (of the mission and humanity)

- Builder (of cases, programs and relationships)

Business Meeting


Great People Skills.

A huge benefit to working in fundraising is career security. Jobs may come and go (this is true in all careers) but a good fundraiser can always get their next job.

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