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A Bit About Carissa...

Hailing from a performing arts background, Carissa Dyall is an emerging fundraiser who is eager to develop relationships and community around a shared cause. As someone who values meaningful work and the ability to make positive contributions to society, Carissa currently works in mental health service development with the National Eating Disorders Collaboration. Within her work, she administers a professional development program that upskills mental health clinicians and dietitians in the treatment of eating disorders.


Carissa still enjoys both the challenges and fulfilment the arts bring by holding the volunteer position of Executive Director for the Perth Orchestra Project, an organisation that provides opportunities for emerging Western Australian musicians and composers.


Outside of her work, she lives her best millennial life – spending her house deposit on specialty coffee, houseplants, and a growing library.

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Carissa Dyall

I am deeply committed to further developing my career towards fundraising and philanthropy. As a values-based person, this career trajectory appeals to me as I view fundraising as a way to build relationships with other people over a shared cause

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