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A Bit About Libby...

Libby is an enthusiastic early/mid-career fundraiser who is always excited to learn, to connect, and to question at every opportunity - especially this one!


Libby transitioned into the NFP space, following a desire to seek work that aligns more strongly with her values and motivations after an exhilarating few years working in corporate recruitment. She has worked in two fundraising roles so far in her career, starting in a charity operating in the veterans' space, and now working in tertiary education.

Libby is a native Sydneysider (who now calls Canberra home), a keen cook (and even keener eater), an avid reader, and a passionate ocean enthusiast, as well as a partner, a daughter, a sister, and a friend.

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Libby Taylor

Philanthropy has great potential to address social issues, and fundraisers are a core element of this. To be good at our jobs, ethical consideration must underpin all fundraising practice – it’s what allows us to build transparent, meaningful relationships with our donors, which in turn allows us to deliver the best results to our beneficiaries. 

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