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A Bit About Meg...

Meg has a passion for tackling social injustice, which led her to pursue a career in fundraising, and is rooted in her unique upbringing. Having spent her childhood in a diverse range of countries including the United States, Malaysia, Scotland and Romania, before returning to Australia for university, she was exposed to the various ways in which different cultures and communities tackle issues of inequality.

In 2021 Meg completed a Bachelor of Arts degree, with an extended major in International Relations and a minor in Spanish, at the University of Queensland where she also resided at the Women’s College. During her 3rd year she served as the Sponsorship and Fundraising Convenor on the Women’s College Student Club, where she gained experience in organising events and raising funds for various causes.

After graduating in 2021, Meg was thrilled to land her current role as the Philanthropy and Events Coordinator at Yalari, a not-for-profit providing scholarships to Indigenous children from regional and remote communities.

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Meg Munro

My goal is to expand my knowledge and understanding of fundraising further than what I have learnt so far on the job. I hope to bring this knowledge into my current role and into my future career.

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